Friday, May 11, 2012


Cecilia J. Hansen

Atwater Village resident, Cecilia J. Hansen, will celebrate her 100th birthday on May 13th, 2012.

Cecilia was born in 1912 in Los Angeles to Irish/Spanish parents (Tapia-Garcia-Molina) of the early California land grants. Her family owned parcels of Santa Monica and Malibu. Today, Tapia Park in Malibu still holds the family name.

Cecilia met her beloved husband, Lawrence M. Hansen, at the former Edendale Roller Rink in the Silver Lake area. They were married for over 30 years.

Throughout her life she has proved to be an inspiration to the community. She has fostered children and babysat what seem countless other to help working mothers.

Quick to provide good advise Cecilia often counseled the young & old with her wisdom and positive attitude. She is well loved by her family, friends and neighbors. They felt blessed being around her. She also has friends from around the world, of all ages and races.

Cecilia’s longevity is attributed to her healthy lifestyle. She has been eating healthy her whole life and uses natural herbs whenever possible. She has never drank alcohol or smoked. Nor has she ever owned a car; she has walked everywhere her whole life. Cecilia still walks today.

Cecilia resides with her daughter, Doll Hansen, and her two dogs, “Chili” and “Pepperoncini", in Atwater Village; a place they’ve called home for over 45 years.

There will be BIG party to celebrate her 100th birthday along with her family and friends, which this year falls on Mother’s Day. And she even got a birthday card from President Obama and his wife Michel.