Friday, December 9, 2011


On December 1, 2011, following the historic windstorm that hit the City of Los Angeles, the Bureau of Sanitation (BOS or Bureau) began to deploy additional collection crews to remove palm fronds, tree branches and other fallen debris.  Additionally, 311 and Sanitation Call Center operators provided special instructions for callers to place fallen debris next to the green bins for removal on their scheduled collection day. 

As part of a comprehensive effort to contain and remove storm-related debris, BOS will continue the Windstorm Clean-Up Operation as follows:

(1)   The Bureau will continue to collect storm debris (including palm fronds and other fallen green waste) on scheduled collection days through week ending December 17th.
(2)   311 and Sanitation Call Center operators will continue to instruct customers to place all windstorm green waste next to their green containers for removal on scheduled collection days
(3)   On Saturday, December 10th, additional crews will target the hardest hit areas of the city for collection of fallen debris.
(4)   Mayoral and Council staff are encouraged to report any fallen debris directly to BOS Collection Yard Superintendents via telephone or email. 

To contact Council District 13 directly with any locations you wish to report contact:

Angela Motta, Field Deputy
Phone: 323-957-4500